In our Unit we also offer alternative treatments for epilepsy surgery, among which the cerebral neuromodulation is more relevant. This therapeutic strategy produces seizure control through the direct or indirect modulation of brain activity. We currently implement 2 types of vagal stimulators (VNS): 

VNS: The vagus nerve stimulator (VNS) has been imposed in recent years as a valid alternative to surgery when this is not possible. VNS modulates brain activity by periodic electrical pulses transmitted to the vagus nerve which, through its afferences, allows action on key brain areas for the control of many types of epilepsy. In addition to periodic stimulation, the VNS allows instant activation, controlled by the user via a magnet. Some patients notice the beginning of a seizure: in these cases the magnet can be a very useful instrument since the instantaneous discharge achieves, in many cases, a blockage of the seizure or a shortening of the symptoms. 

VNS-SR: The new VNS models also allow monitoring of heart rate (HR). In a large number of patients the seizures are accompanied by an initial increase in HR that these devices can detect to trigger an instantaneous discharge similar to that obtained using the magnet. The new models are designed to further improve seizure management, especially during sleep or in case the patient fails to activate the device before the onset of symptoms. 

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