Living Wills

The informative paper on Living Wills will explain the possibility of taking decisions about medical care and how to plan for what is to be done should you not be able express your wishes or decide for yourself.

The patient's capacity to take decisions related to his/her illness is a right recognised in Spanish and European legislation. The Living Will document (Document de Voluntats Anticipades: DVA) is based on respect and on promoting the patient's autonomy, an autonomy that is extended by this document when the patient cannot make decisions her/himself.

The DVA is the document, addressed to the doctor responsible, in which a person of legal age can express, in writing, the instructions to be taken into account should they find themselves in a situation in which circumstances make it impossible for them to personally express their wishes. In this document, the person can also designate a representative to act on his/her behalf if unable to express his/her wishes. This representative will be the valid and necessary interlocutor with the doctor or healthcare team.

Below you can consult the Living Will Document that is distributed at our centres:

For more information access the website of the Department of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia. In paragraph citizens will find useful information such as considerations about the document, informative guide to elaborate it and frequently asked questions, among others.

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