Hospital del Mar

The Hospital del Mar in Barcelona is a complete healthcare organization that encompasses all levels of healthcare, with significant resources in research and education.

The Hospital del Mar is the main healthcare facility, while social healthcare services are concentrated at the Esperança Center and the Fòrum Center. It also offers a wide range of mental health and addiction services for adults, children, and youth in the coastal area of Barcelona and the northern part of the Barcelona region at the Dr. Emili Mira Center. Additionally, it has programs for sexual and reproductive health care and the Peracamps Primary Care Center (CUAP). Biomedical research is organized through the Hospital del Mar Research Institute, bringing together medical studies (UPF), the School of Nursing (UPF), and the Healthcare FP Institute on a large teaching campus.

Mar Hospital

An innovative and dynamic university hospital that handles pathologies of medium and high complexity, with great experience and tradition of serving the city of Barcelona.

Esperança Hospital

With deep roots in the neighbourhood of Gràcia, it has provided services since 1933. It works closely with Mar Hospital to offer complete healthcare services.

Forum Center

Its speciality is geriatric and psychiatric services, in parallel with strengthening the hospital’s connection to handle more complex diseases.

Peracamps Center

The Peracamps emergency services handle emergencies in the Ciutat Vella that do not require surgery and coordinates with Mar Hospital to transfer patients who do need surgery.

Dr Emili Mira Center

It has a complete range of mental health services encompassing all healthcare needs: outpatient, hospital and social health.


Devoted to scientific research in the fields of biomedicine and health sciences, it has 20 years experience handling high-level competitive research.

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