Fellowship in epilepsy / EEG

Start: First of June of each year
Completion: End of May of each year
Number of places: Every year there will be two places for training in epilepsy
Requirements: Title of specialist in Neurology or Clinical Neurophysiology

This training program focuses on learning all the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects related to clinical epileptology, as well as clinical neurophysiology specifically the EEG and VEEG. It offers practical theoretical learning with lectures including general neurology, multidisciplinary discussion of epilepsy cases, invasive diagnostic planning meetings, neuroradiology meetings in epilepsy and the accredited advanced training program in neurology. 

The first 2 months of the fellow are devoted to the learning and basic concepts of the EEG and VEEG, as well as to the clinical introduction to patients in outpatient epilepsy. During this time they will also be responsible for the clinical management of patients with epilepsy in the neurology room and the application of the status epilepticus treatment protocol. They will then have the responsibility of patient's care, differential and pre-surgical diagnosis within the monitoring unit. From this phase the fellow will progressively achieve training in more advanced diagnostic techniques such as VEEG and SEEG. After six months they will be able to autonomously report the neurophysiology records generated in the unit. From that moment on, they will be able to participate in the interpretation and interpretation of intraoperative neurophysiological tests such as ECoG and stereotactic electrode implantation. 

They  will also acquire the basic concepts of interpretation of imaging tests used as epilepsy protocol MRI, PET, SPECT, PET-RM and SISCOM. They will also participate in pre-operative cognitive assessment procedures in order to understand the implementation and interpretation of these procedures. 

Within their clinical activity the Fellow will be responsible for answering the queries that are generated internally in the hospital in relation to epilepsy. After the initial training period, they will be able to also assume the outpatient treatment of patients with various forms of epilepsy. 

Monitoring records are obtained in the epilepsy unit consisting of four monitoring beds recording boxes of up to 256 channels and sampling frequency of 16kHz. The unit is supervised 24 hours a day by dedicated nursing staff. 

Candidates interested in the Fellowship must send the following documentation:

  1.  Curriculum vitae
  2.  Letter of recommendation from  the residence director
  3.  Certificate of medical diploma
  4.  Specialist certificate
  5.  Current photo

Contact person:

Rodrigo Rocamora, MD, PhD
Director of the Epilepsy Unit
Neurology Service, Hospital del Mar 

Address: Passeig Maritim 25-29, 08003, Barcelona
Phone: (+34) 932483235
Fax: (+34) 932483236
Email: rrocamora(ELIMINAR)@parcdesalutmar.cat

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