The present MAR Health Park is the next step forward of the Municipal Healthcare Institute (IMAS), a body that the Barcelona City Council created in 1983 to manage its existing resources. The IMAS Board of Directors, with the Barcelona City Council holding 60% representation and the Government of Catalonia, 40%, was its first governing body.

IMAS integrated municipal public healthcare services, which included hospital services at Mar Hospital and Esperança Hospital, the Psychiatric Institute, the Peracamps Emergency Centre, the Geriatric Centre and a wide range of primary healthcare clinics (CAPs) and Family Planning and Guidance Centres (COPFs), as well as teaching and research centres such as the Municipal Institute of Medical Research (IMIM), the IMAS Teaching Division (in cooperation with the UAB), the University Nursing School (in cooperation with the UB) and the Bonanova Professional Education School.

In 1992, a project was started up so that all the healthcare services at the different MAR Health Park hospitals would complement each other. Development has focused on an integrated management model (allowing for a higher workforce margin) for all centres and continuous improvement of public health services.

On 28 January 2010, the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona City Council approved the creation of the Barcelona MAR Health Park Consortium. This new body replaced the Municipal Healthcare Institute (IMAS) in the provision of public healthcare services, establishing a new legal governance model as a consortium in which the Catalan Government assumes 60% and the City Council 40% of representation. This resolution provided a response to the provisions set forth in the General Healthcare Law and the Healthcare Planning Law of Catalonia. It establishes that the Ministry of Health will hold competences with respect to health in Catalonia and that it must guarantee both the quality of the public healthcare network and the stability of governing and management bodies for all healthcare centres and facilities.

The commitment to a community hospital model refers to a defined territorial framework, connections to primary healthcare to provide public continuity, complete management and continuous improvement model as a work methodology are the broad mainstays for company development.

Education and research have been a stimulus and added-value generators for professionals and for the entire organisation, which relies on the public health services offered at the MAR Health Park, defined as a central integrated and multiple health service that aims to offer care continuity and an extremely-high response to patients’ demands. In line with this idea, programmes related to public primary care and discharge planning have been given priority.

The key and strategic objective in designing a community hospital model has advanced enormously with the presentation of a unique public health offering: Mar Hospital as a basic entry door; Esperança Hospital with in-house ophthalmology and radiotherapy divisions and musculoskeletal system and surgical units that complement those at Mar. The Forum Centre of the Mar Hospital as a social-public health resource for mental health that confers added value to the overall services at the MAR Health Park, along with the Psychiatric Institute.

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