Organ and blood donation

The donation of organs can help save the lives of other people and, to make this possible, willingness to help others is essential.

Organ donation 

For information on the donation of organs, contact the Organització Catalana de Trasplantaments (Catalan Transplant Organisation: OCATT). If you wish to contact them by telephone, the number to call is: 93 339 83 03.

Body donation

If you wish to have information on, or to make, a donation of the body to science, you can call the following telephone numbers:

  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
    Donation of Bodies: 93 581 18 74.
  • Universitat de Barcelona
    Donation of Bodies: 93 403 52 62.

Blood Donation


  • Because in Catalonia there is a shortfall of 300,000 donations of blood per year.
  • Because every year, thanks to blood transfusions, many lives are saved.
  • Because your donation will allow the blood banks to obtain the necessary blood components (red cells, white cells, platelets, plasma, etc.) for the treatment of many illnesses.
  • Blood cannot be manufactured.

But you can give blood:

  • If you are between 18 and 65.
  • Weigh more than 50 Kg.
  • And have not suffered from hepatitis for the last 12 years.
  • At present the MAR Health Park centers do not have their own blood bank, so the blood donation can be made at the blood bank at the Hospital de Sant Pau (93 274 90 25).

Social commitment

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