Nursing training in epilepsy

The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit requires a nursing team with a specific training in order to achieve the quality and holistic point of view in patient care. The nursing team must have knowledge and skills that allow them to optimally develop the care of the patient with epilepsy. 

 This specific training is carried out in our unit by specialized personnel.  

The training objectives are to know the pathophysiology of the disease, manage the diagnostic material, and provide care and health education to the patient and his family. During the training period, students are taught to monitor the patient with surface and intracranial electrodes, in addition to administering the care they require; to interpret the EEG and thus to detect epileptic seizures early in order to be able to perform a neuropsychological evaluation of the patient during the seizure; to provide the necessary care in case of generalized tonic-clonic seizures, cluster of seizures or status epilepticus.

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