Epilepsy Reference Centre

Epilepsy Reference Centre

The Epilepsy Unit is a centre of high complexity and has been distinguished in Catalonia as a reference center for Epilepsy Surgery by CatSalut and by the Ministry of Health as a national reference centre for Refractory Epilepsy (CSUR net). At the international level, the Epilepsy Unit is part of the European Network of Epilepsy Surgery Centres (e-pilepsy).

  • The Epilepsy Unit of the Hospital del Mar is a European Reference Network (ERN) part of the Epi-CARE network. This recognition is determined by the European Commission itself to those centres of excellence that represent the highest scientific and professional standards in the area.

  • Also on an international level, our unit is part of the E-pilepsy network which is the pan-European network of the most important centres of epilepsy surgery.

  • At the national level, the Epilepsy Unit is Reference Centre for refractory epilepsy appointed by the Ministry of Health. For this reason, all national patients can be reached through a SIFCO referral mechanism that must be requested by the specialist doctor in the Autonomous Community of origin.

  • In Catalonia, the Epilepsy Unit is part of the Functional Unit of Epilepsy Surgery (UFCE) established by CatSalut for the application of complex surgery. For this reason, the Epilepsy Unit can receive patients from all over the Catalan territory.