Rights and responsibilities of citizens concerning health and health care

The rights and obligations of the public who use the healthcare system are based on Article 43 of the Constitution, which recognises the right to the protection of health, and orders the public bodies to organise and protect the health of the public, by way of preventive measures and by providing the necessary services. It also orders that the law will establish the rights and obligations of all citizens.

In carrying out this order, Article 10 of the General Healthcare Law 14/1986, 25th April, (BOE no. 102, 25th April), establishes citizens' rights in relation to a number of different public healthcare administrations; Hereby, it determines, amongst the said rights, those that may and must be exercised in relation to private healthcare services, while respecting their particular financial situation. Regarding obligations, Article 11 of said Law establishes the obligations of citizens in relation to the institutions and bodies of the healthcare system.

Below you can consult the Charter of Rights and Obligations. This Charter adjusts the rights and obligations of the citizen to the present day, and incorporates new aspects in order to make advances with respect to the dignity of the person and improvement in the quality of the healthcare.

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