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The Forum Centre provides care services for the elderly, and for the people of its area. The building, which is located in the area of Fòrum 2004, between Carrer Llull and Carrer Rambla Prim, is in the catchment area of the Hospital del Mar and, therefore can offer geriatric and psychiatric services as well as reinforcing relations with the hospital for more complex illnesses.

This new centre is a response to the request of Catsalut and to the plans of the Hospital del Mar in order to provide guarantees to the growing and changing population of the Sant Martí district, who we offer care to.

In the area of Geriatrics, the Forum Centre is specialised in attending to the healthcare needs and social health care needs of the elderly and their families, including diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and assessment of the illness. A team of professionals will take care of your needs, whether in hospital stays, out-patient care, the day hospital or home care.

In the area of Psychiatry, the Forum Centre offers, through the Neuropsychiatry and Addictions Institute (INAD), attention to psychiatric emergencies 24 hours a day, the hospitalisation of acute cases linked to its sectors and services of the psychiatry day hospital, which offers daily, multidisciplinary out-patient resources, provided for those patients who do not require care 24 hours a day.

Experience from the past with a view to the future

The MAR Health Park has shown a vocation for working with the elderly since its very beginnings. A lot has happened since the time of those first places for the elderly, at the old Asil del Parc (Parc Residential Centre): We created the Geriatric Centre in 1977 and have recently founded the Geriatric Institute (IGER).

Over the years we have gained experience in the comprehensive care of the elderly. We have a geriatric service licensed to train new specialists in this area, and a highly specialised and motivated nursing service.

Now, in this new millennium, the population is ageing but at the same time, new treatments and approaches are appearing, offering solutions to sufferers of illnesses such as Alzheimer's or dementia. So now, more than ever, our experience will be of benefit to the city as a whole.

Social health care and mental health

The Forum Centre has beds for geriatrics and for neuro-degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer's and other types of dementia.

It also has  beds for psychiatric patients in the sub-acute phase. The Centre will temporarily keep extra beds for mental patients in the acute phase, as well as day hospital and ongoing care service.

Here we bring together the main lines of care, training and research in the area of research into Neuroscience, in the hospitals of the MAR Health Park, where we are working to find new ways of diagnosing and treating brain diseases, a field that is constantly growing.

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