Reconstruction techniques with autologous tissue

In the recent years, plastic surgery has advanced towards the physiological or autologous breast reconstruction techniques, that means reconstructions that replace tissue that has been lost by the natural tissue. Therefore, the first step involves searching and locating the female tissue more similar to the breast, a body part that is characterized by a thin skin and pigmentation, determined by the ethnicity of the women and that has an important amount of fat in a particular consistency.

Another key issue is how to carry these tissues from other parts of the body to the chest, keeping them alive, in order to repair the breast. In this sense, the reconstruction techniques with autologous tissues depend on the features of the tissue donor sites available for each patient and also the plastic surgeon technical capacity to transfer surgeon these tissues in the most optimal way.

In the recent years the, a great progress has been made in the field of anatomical knowledge of the blood vessels of the as well as the development of microsurgical techniques of the patient. These are the reasons why w the reconstructive techniques to repair the most appropriate breast tissue and minimize the consequences of the surgical patient are avaliable.

When surgery began practicing breast reconstructions after mastectomy, providing only a fill external prosthesis bra was only considered. However, new autologous techniques carried us to new possibilities. The new procedures not only fill space but also to recreate the breast naturally. In some cases, over time, women can even recover some senitivity.


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