Institutions and Organizations

  • Spanish Group for Research in Breast Cancer (GEICAM)
    The Spanish Group for Research in Breast Cancer (GEICAM) is a scientific non-profit association that promotes the clinical and epidemiological research on breast cancer. GEICAM has become one of the most important research groups in breast cancer in Spain.
  • Federation of Societies of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Autonomous Regions of Spain (SEGO)
    The SEGO aims to stimulate scientific progress in the specialty of Obstetrics & Gynecology and to promote reforms to help improve the quality of health care for these specialties.
  • Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM)
    SEOM is one of the most important companies in Spain oncology review and ensures that services from a medical oncology healthcare quality excellence offered.
    SEOM actively involved in the prevention of cancer through outreach initiatives, information and support to patients.
  • Spanish Society of Senology and Breast Pathology (SESPM)
    The Spanish Society of Breast Pathology and Senology and is an association of scientific and cultural character that promotes breast health, focused on both the professionals responsibility for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.
    The SESPM organizes courses, conferences and promotes research projects so as to advance in the treatment and in the prevention of diseases.
  • Microsurgical Centre for Breast Reconstruction
    This center is one of the most prestigious in the United States inbreast reconstruction. They perform more than 300 surgerues every year with the newest and developed techniques. With their commitment to research, they have achieved excellence in the most complex procedures.
  • Blog of Breast Reconstruction
    Jaume Masia's blog is a tool that allows patients to be closer to their doctor and to women that look for information of breast reconstruction, breast cancer, treatment of breast cancer, preventive mastectomy or prophylactic mastectomy lymphedema, lymphedema treatment, mastopexy.


  • Grup Àgata
    Grup Àgata is an association whose objectives are reporting, supporting and providing tools for rehabilitation for all affected women. The association helps women who suffer from breast cancer to overcome the problems so as to achieve full integration into daily life.
  • Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer - Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC)
    The Spanish Association Against Cancer is a non-profit organization that informs about healthcare awareness, promotes research and gives support people who suffer from breast cancer. The aim of the association is to reduce the impact of cancer on society, providing the best services with the highest quality and increasing knowledge and promoting research and studies about cancer.
  • Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer (FECMA)
    The Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer is a group that shares experiences and information to patients with cancer. The federation wants to be active and and maitaning a critical social awareness of the problem.
  • Spanish Foundation for Cancer Continuing Education (FEFOC)
    The FEFOC contributes to the increase of information on best treatment options from detection of breast cancer and is involved in increasing awareness of the female population on the need for regular monitoring for early detection of the disease. The FEFOC organizes training courses focused on people and those who are affected from cancer.
  • Grup d'Ajuda Mama i Salut (GAMIS)
    Gamis is an association created by a group of women affected from breast cancer. The association works linked to the Functional Unit of Breast Pathology at Hospital de Barcelona and makes efforts to foster mutual suppor among partners, sharing experiences and improving information about the pathology.
  • Ginesta
    Ginesta is a group for women with breast cancer that is made ​​up of women who have suffered from breast cancer, as well as family or other people who want to be with patients. The association aims to help women in their daily lives after suffering from breast cancer.
  • Maggie's
    Founded in the United Kingdom, the Maggie's Foundation offers a program of physical and psychological support to patients, families and friends who have suffered cancer support. This organization has a great support from British society.
  • Limfacat
    The Limfacat group is an association of people living who suffer from Lymphedema of Catalonia. Its objectives are reporting, guiding and advisin people who try to recover from the disease. They try to get resources and possible treatments of lymphedema; increasing awareness, promoting research and prevention among others.
  • Adelprise
    Adelprise is a non-profit organization that brings together people affected primary and secondary lymphedema and their families. It is also open to people who want to collaborate or showing an interest in this pathology.
  • Catalan Association of Scientific Communication
    The Catalan Association of Scientific Communication (ACCC) was established in 1990 as a professional organization that brings science communicators, journalists, scientists, communicators and editors of the Catalan area with interest in communicating scientific information in written and audiovisual media.
    The main objective of the ACCC is to promote, disseminate, expand and improve scientific communication in the Catalan-speaking lands. Also wants to influence the social and political aspects of scientific information, ensuring to contribute to social progress.

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