The Plastic Surgery Department at the Hospital del Mar and Hospital de Sant Pau not only stands out for its health care activity but also for its research work in order to expand and innovate in this field of knowledge.

Research activities are very important for the next steps of the treatment. The scientific activity is a key factor for the development of country's health system, that allows surgeons to improve the quality of services and social welfare of its citizens.

The Plastic Surgery Department at the Hospital del Mar and Hospital de Sant Pau  set out the project of Multidetector-row computed tomography in the planning of abdominal perforator flaps. The project began in 2003 and was a proposal of Dr.Jaume Masia. The study has developed in recent years a number of proven techniques for patients, carrying out various publications. The study is still open to research.

Within the research activity, different areas are distinguished: Institutional Research, Postgraduate university and clinical trials

Institutional Research

This field is characterized for the biomedical and health sciences, which its target is based on national research policy and national health policy.

In this field, the service has received a research project from the Health Investment Fund (FIS) - Universidad Carlos III to develop a research project on Lymphedema treatment.

Postgraduate university

The research postgraduate university includes the thesis, the research and scientific progress on certain fields of medical science. Proof of this are the two theses done by Dr. Jaume Masià and Dra. Susana Lopez on plastic surgery:

Preoperative Planning of the Abdominal Perforator Flap with Multidetector Row Computed Tomography, realized by Dr. Jaume Masià.

Reconstructive Surgery with free flaps in the treatment of head and neck carcinomas. Clinical and prognostic factors related to the apparition of complications, realized by Dra.Susana López.

Clinical Trials

According to the law, the Plastic Surgery team at the Hospital del Mar and Hospital de Sant Pau has been awarded five research projects by the private pharmaceutical industry related to breast surgery treatment.

Social commitment

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