Lifting techniques (mastopexy), symmetrization-reduction and breast augmentation

A conservative way to address the reconstruction after a breast cancer is not synonymous with good aesthetic results and therefore requires separate techniques to use including remaining gland (non-operated contralateral breast) remodeling, also known as oncoplastic breast surgery.

Oncoplastic breast surgery has emerged as a necessity, given the evolution of the clinical presentation of breast cancer, more localized, by early diagnosis, and the breakthrough of the concomitant treatments.

The partial resection of the breast, the conservative treatment, is the surgical procedure of choice in the treatment of women with breast cancer, maintaining or improving the previous results with aggressive surgery. This leads to the development of techniques for complete removal of the lesion, immediately remodeling the breast and the opposite breast symmetry. The aim of these procedures is to improve cancer control and favor the final aesthetic result, preventing deformities after resection of large neoplasm.

The basic element of these technique is developing a pattern of resection, as its design provides both tumor removal and remodeling of the mammary gland. This will depend on tumor location, the relation tumor / breast, and the characteristics of the breast (size and ptosis).


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