The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department is a joint service between the Hospital del Mar and the Hospital de Sant Pau, two university hospitals in third level focused on people, open to society and to the healthcare environment.

The mission of a Joint Department is to achieve professional excellence in dealing with patients, in education and in research fields.

After the creation of the Joint Service of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, the resources of both hospitals under a single address let us to optimize the clinical service, which involves an affordable and flexible organization that allows us to be more competitive and efficient.

The mission of the of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department of the Hospital del Mar - Hospital de Sant Pau is covering all the care needs of its population and aquires experience in order to become reference hospital for the treatment of high complexity diseases; coordinating and teaching undergraduate and graduate educational programs; promoting and encouraging research projects related to pathologies and surgical techniques, promoting teamwork and cooperation with other hospital services as well as the different health and social arrangements of the community.

The main objective of the joint service is to satisfy the health care needs of its population. Currently the area of ​​population influence of the Hospital del Mar is approximately 350,000 inhabitants and the Hospital de Sant Pau, 400,000.

The service presents a unique address management, healthcare facilities, and a unified management of the waiting lists and patients' flow.

The service has 8 operating rooms weekly to perform procedures that require the performance of total anesthesia. It also offers 3 operating rooms weekly to perform procedures under local or regional anesthesia.

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