The post-operative

It is normal that patient feels tired when she gets home after surgery. It is recommended that you have someone at home so as to help you.

The period of recovery depends on the type of procedure performed during breast reconstruction:

  • One week after the surgery, the patient can take care of herself and do normal activities.
  • A few weeks after the surgery, patient should visit surgeon and following-up controls that certifies everything is evolving correctly and that there are no complications.
  • When a few months have passed, you should see your surgeon again to assess whether any other surgery is necessary.

Breast Reconstruction and Recovery

It is impossible to know exactly the appearance of the reconstructed breast in the future, although experience demonstrates that women who perform breast reconstruction have many psychological benefits, including an improvement in their quality of life and in their body image.

The emotional impact of surgery to remove the breast cancer is difficult to predict, and there are no definitive solutions to overcome the state of anxiety and stress after breast cancer and mastectomy.

Women who perform breast reconstruction need to adapt to changes in their appearance and feelings about the reconstructed breast, and depending on the reconstructive procedure , they will also have to cope with changes in other parts the body such as scars.

It is common for patients to feel anxious about how other people (especially the partner) will accept the appearance of the reconstructed breast and they are worried if it will affect their intimate relationship.

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