Direct to implants

This technique can only be performed in some women who have a little bulky breast and enough adequate chest skin so as to receive a direct to implant for reconstruction, without having to resort methods after expansion or surgery to replace the implant by another.

This technique would be indicated only in immediate breast reconstruction for women who should not receive radiotherapy and also by the type of tumor that affects them. In these cases, women undergo skin-sparing mastectomy to preserve as much of the breast as possible.

This surgery creates a kind of bag under the pectoralis major muscle in order to embrace the implant. This is not a complex procedure because the plastic surgeon works from the incisions or scars of mastectomy, then he raises the muscle and finally he creates the right shape and the size for each patient.

What types of implants are used?

The most common implants are cohesive gel-filled implants because they are similar to the natural shape of the breast.

In any case, the type of the implant chosen as well as other factors such as each patient's chest structure, the existing muscles and the skin elasticity will determine the final shape of the new breast.

Furthermore, when the breast reconstruction is performed, the surgeon should inform the patient if she sould make adjustments to the healthy breast in order to get symmetry in both breasts.

Swelling is common, numbness and even pain in the chest during some days as well as fatigue and discomfort for a couple of weeks. However, gradually, the patient will regain mobility in the arms and have enough energy to come back to the daily routine.

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