Reduction mammoplasty

Reduction mammoplasty offers great benefits in large breasts without consistency. The surgery improves patients' quality of life as excess breast fat and skin are removed to get a breast size in portion with your body. Breast reduction alleviate discomfort associated with large breast.

Breast reduction is a process that is often associated with the reconstruction and it can be performed at the same time so that patient avoids undergoing a second surgery.

Reduction mammoplasty is a procedure similar to mastopexy since hypertrophic breasts must be lifted during the surgery.

During surgery, the nipple can be attached to the nerves and blood vessels in a skin graft. However, if the chest is too large, the nipple is removed and it can be attached in an upper region of the breast. In these cases patient wont' feel nipple sensitivity.

The process does not usually cause postoperative pain as swelling disappears. However lifting or making efforts are not recommended a few weeks after surgery.


  • Surgery: 1-3 hours
  • Hospitalization: 1 day
  • Daily activity: 1 week
  • Sports: 4-6 weeks

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