The Unit for Giving up Smoking


The current Unit for Giving up Smoking, which has been functioning since 2003, has attended to some 100 workers, with a total of 534 visits (until 30th June 2005). According to the survey carried out at the Hospital del Mar, the prevalence of smoking is 34.4%. The percentage of smokers who would give up smoking if they had a stop-smoking programme available, according to the aforesaid survey, is 51.1%. Therefore the number of people who would potentially ask for treatment is around 408.

This unit also carries out teaching work, rotating graduates in Primary Healthcare as well as those in Pneumology, and also undergraduate students of the UPF. It has also been recognised as a centre of specialisation in tobacco addiction by SEPAR and therefore has a strong presence in the field of research.

Last July, at CatSalut, the project of STOPPING SMOKING AMONG WORKERS was presented, which will be approved. In consequence, the unit, as well as giving medical care, will also be able to offer free pharmacological treatment.


A number of members of the Pneumology Service carried out a study, with a survey of hospitalised patients. Their responses determined that the overall prevalence in the Hospital del Mar is 16.4% and that of these 80% had smoked during their hospital stay, despite the current prohibition, and that half of them would accept “nosocomial treatment of their smoking addiction”.

To adapt to the new law, it seems to be essential that the hospitalised patients should be offered treatment to substitute the tobacco during their hospital stay. This circumstance was taken into account in the future planning of the Unit. In order to be able to respond adequately they will have to have more resources than at present.

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