Geriatric and social health care

The units of the Forum Centre offers specialised and quality care in different care areas: in-patient care, day hospital, home care and out-patient care in order to respond adequately to the patients' needs.

Services, units and staff from the centre are closely linked to the services and staff at the Hospital del Mar (with the acute geriatric unit, and with the interdisciplinary social health care functional unit).

The staff team of nurses, doctors and social workers, among others, are experts in the therapeutic healthcare and the social health care of the elderly and their families, including diagnosis, treatment and subsequent monitoring and assessment.

Units of geriatric and social health care

Located on the 2nd (wards 2A and 2B) and 3rd (wards 3A, 3B and 3C) floors. These are hospital beds for people requiring functional recovery or treatment and for patients with complex and/or advanced chronic illnesses or at the end of life.

Personal items and valuables

During your stay it is essential to bring nightgowns or pyjamas, a dressing gown, slippers and comfortable clothes. It is also important to have well-fitting shoes. Also, you should bring your own personal toiletry items, marked with your full name and bed number.

We recommend that you bring as few personal belongings as possible, avoiding having a lot of money, jewellery or other valuable articles. The centre will accept no responsibility for the loss of any personal belongings.


In order to offer social and family contact, guarantee the wellbeing of other patients and respect the resting times of the people staying in the hospital, the centre will be open from 10am until 8pm.

To allow the smooth working of the centre, we ask the families who wish to have somebody accompanying the patient to inform the nursing staff of the ward of the day and time of their visit.


Each hospital ward has its own direct telephone line, which allows contact with the nursing staff responsible and between the patient and his/her family. The telephone numbers are:

  • Ward 2A 93 326 85 52.
  • Ward 2B 93 326 85 53.
  • Ward 3A 93 326 85 54.
  • Ward 3B 93 326 85 51.

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