Becker implants

The technique is only used in a limited number of patients and enviroments where economic resources for breast reconstruction are limited.

Permanent implants

Becker type implants are prostheses that allow some degree of expansion of the tissues of the thorax but, once they achieve the required volume to restore the shape of the breast, they are neither changed nor replaced. They remain in final form.

This technique places an implant that gradually fills in until the required volume is reached. The implant remains in a stable and steady position in the thorax.

In the early nineties, these implants were presented as an innovation because a second operation was avoided and, in turn, represented significant savings of health resources.


Unfortunately, in most cases, they offer poor aesthetic results, particularly regarding the shape of the breast. In addition, like other implants, Becker suffer progressive wearing out and risk losing volume as previously filled saline infiltrated starts leaking. These prostheses also have the limitation as the breast implant couldn't evolve in parallel with the rest of the female body.

Finally, according to different surveys, using these implants there is a slightly higher risk of muscular contracture than the other implants.

For all these reasons, we can say that it is an obsolete technique and it is only indicated for some patients who can not benefit from reconstruction or other healthcare settings with a limited financial resources.

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