Reconstruction techniques with implants

Since the sixties, the medical and the pharmaceutical industry have made a great effort in order to get breast implants that best suit the needs of women with mastectomies. Implants have improved the outcomes of breast reconstructions and, at first, they were considered as revolutionary procedure to create a new breast.

In fact, during the eighties, when autologous reconstruction techniques (with autologous tissue) left important drawbacks, breast implants were the predominant techniques in this field. Fortunately, new steps to understand the anatomy and technology have reduced the injuries caused by reconstructions with autologous tissue and, for that reason, nowadays, satisfactory results can be achieved with different implants.

These techniques add volume to the breast bringing in a prosthesis in the chest area. Among them, the best known and one of the most used in previous decades is the technique of tissue expansion with implant (tissue). These operations are relatively simple from the surgical point of view but, in turn, they often provide good results in most cases. Moreover, as the implants have limitations, their results are not definitive.


  • The technical simplicity
  • Shortness of the intervention
  • Don't produce new scars


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