Travelers' Health

The International Travel Service at the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona is a highly specialized assistance program that provides healthcare services, international vaccinations, advice, and health councils to people who plan to travel to countries with endemic tropical diseases.

The Team

A team of renowned experts forms our unit, trained and accredited trajectory, and it is at the traveler's disposal to provide the assistance they need according to international criteria and identify the needs and risks depending on the country to visit. l'Unit is integrated into the Infectious Diseases service of l'Hospital del Mar and maintains close collaboration with the Occupational Health program.


  • Judit Villar García. Medical Coordinator of the Traveler's Attention and International Health Unit.
  • Elena Sendra. Doctor.
  • Joan Gómez. Doctor.
  • Natalia Morales. Chief of the Nursing Unit Day Hospital.
  • Marta Cappuccio. Nurse.
  • Saioa Garay Sola. Administrative support.

Service offer

1. Vaccines


Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B

Typhus Meningitis

Japanese encephalitis fever

Yellow fever




Central European encephalitis

Triple Viral


Recognized as an "International Vaccination Center entrusted" by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs. As a teaching and research center, it is one of the few Spanish centers that administer yellow fever vaccines.

2. Recommend malaria chemoprophylaxis, if necessary, and possible side effects.

3. Health care for patients with imported infectious diseases.

4. Information and prevention on preventable and non-preventable diseases due to vaccinations

5. Preventive advice on

Hygiene and nutrition.

Complete travel pharmacy.

General advice (steals, shoes, altitude, jet lag, protection from mosquito bites and other insects, sun protection, measures to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, etc.).

Attitude to follow in case of suspicion of disease.

Location and timetable

Regardless of where a person lives, the International Travel Unit offers its services to them.


Hospital del Mar

Building B, office T and office V

Passeig Maritim, 25-29 08003 - Barcelona


Tuesday and wednesday from 15:00 pm to 20:00 pm.

Opening hours Tuesday and wednesday from 15:00 pm to 20:00 pm.


To request a visit


Tel.: 93 248 38 82

Urgent visits must also be scheduled on this telephone number.

Thursday from 15:00 am to 20:00h.


This service is not included in the catalog of primary health benefits and, therefore, the services have to be paid with the following rates:

Traveler visit  39,25
Traveling visit and vaccination  55,25 
Urgent traveler visit and vaccine 128,45
Traveler vaccine  10,75
Traveler visit and yellow fever vaccine  61,30
Traveler visit and vaccinations including yellow fever  73,80
Traveler yellow fever vaccine 22,10 
Traveler visit + serology  52,25
PCR 103,02 
Antigen test 15,00 

People who present a suspicion or a diagnosis of imported disease do not have to pay due to public health system coverage for the care of these pathologies.

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