The Municipal Healthcare Institute (Institute Municipal d'Assistència Sanitària: IMAS) was established on 18th March 1983, with the aim of improving the coordination of hospital resources, which until then had been the responsibility of Barcelona City Council. The IMAS is an institute with individual legal status, composed of these three centres.

Hospital del Mar

The Hospital del Mar is a modern general and university hospital, dynamic and undertaking research activity, which treats pathologies of medium and high complexity and which is well coordinated with its catchment area. [+]

Hospital de l'Esperança

The Hospital de l'Esperança is one of the IMAS hospitals included in the remodelling of healthcare offered by IMAS centres, which began in 1992. [+]

Centre Fòrum

The Centre Fòrum of the Hospital del Mar offers geriatric and psychiatric services, as well as strengthening the connection with the hospital for the more complex pathologies. [+]

Centre Peracamps

The Peracamps Emergency Service treats emergency cases from the Ciutat Vella district that do not require surgery, and works in coordination with the Hospital del Mar for those patients who may require it. [+]

Social commitment

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