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The contents have been distributed as five browsing groups: Users, Professionals, Corporate Information, Research and Teaching. These groups allow us to distribute the contents according to the profile that is most appropriate to the web browser. At any time, even if a profile has been chosen, the rest can be accessed via the menu above, without any need to retrace steps.

Each profile is differentiated using colours to make it easier to find where we are at any given moment.

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On the home page, news of the day or the week is given a prominent place. This is information that you can complement with the more general news which you will find on the website. Similarly, there is a space where you can see the most recent IMAS audiovisual productions.

There is also a map of the website that you can use to get an overall view of the site, of its contents and where you can find a place in the menu to let us know your suggestions. In this context, we invite you to share your initiatives with us, both for broadening the interactive nature of the site and for improving its contents.


  • Activity of hospitalisation: The activity of hospitalisation has been divided into different clinical products, brought together under the following criteria:
    Programmed surgery with admission to hospital, major out-patient surgery, or emergency, identified according to the type of hospital admission, the basic set of data of the hospital admission and by the type of diagnosis-related group (GRD). Mental disorders, alcohol and drugs, pregnancy, childbirth, puerperal and perinatal pathologies all belong to the category major diagnosis (CDM) which GRD also belongs to. Rehabilitation belongs to GRD itself and medical pathology in the elderly or in patients under 18 are identified by the type of GRD and by their age.
  • SASSIR: Servei d'Atenció a la Salut Sexual i Reproductiva (Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Service)
  • Average Weights: This is an approach to the complexity involved in the consumption of resources by way of the relative weight associated with each GRD. The weightings used are the relative Medicare weights (USA).
  • Average Relative Weight-IRR: This is the average weight with respect to the previous year's average weight, or of all of the XHUP in the period July 97-June 98.
  • PADES: Programa d'atenció domiciliària, equip de suport (Programme for Home Healthcare, support team).
  • RAE: Programme for the reordering of specialists' activity in primary healthcare.
  • Standard functioning rate: This provides information on the functioning of the IMAS, or the service, in average hospital stay management. A value of above 1 indicates that the average hospital stay for the year 1999 is higher than for that of 1998, for the same number of cases (this being the year 1998).
  • Basic Care Unit with care criterion: Basic Care Unit restricted to purely care-related concepts of admissions, visits, emergencies, minor surgery and day hospital.
  • UFISS: Unitat funcional interdisciplinària socio-sanitària (Interdisciplinary Social Health Care Functional Unit)
  • HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  • HCV: Hepatitis C Virus.

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