Failure to comply is penalised...

Although the penalties set have not yet been applied, their application will be introduced gradually from the time when the law comes into force. Fines of between 30 euros and 600.000 euros are envisaged, according to whether the infringements of the law are minor, severe or very severe. For example, the penalties may be applied in the following situations:

  • Allowing smoking in prohibited areas or outside the restricted areas (minor penalty) 
  • Creating smokers' areas in places where they are not authorised (severe penalty) 
  • The advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products in the media, including Internet and other services of the information society (very severe penalty)

In any case, it seems that the penalties will be at an institutional rather than individual level, but if the Manager of the Centre can prove that notices have been displayed, that everyone has been informed and that all monitoring and control mechanisms have been put into practice, the centre will not be considered blameworthy in the case of being denounced.

Regarding workers, every company will have its own system for penalising workers in cases of repeated infringement. The current collective agreement for the MAR Health Park already includes the list of rules on infringement and penalties in Article 2 section s): Smoking in areas where it is prohibited will be a minor infringement.

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