Located in the Gracia district, the Hospital de l'Esperança is near the foot of the Parc Güell, and has been providing its services since 1933. Initially intended for use as a rest home for convalescence and for terminal patients, perhaps because of its special location on the hillside and its splendid views out over the city, the centre was used for decades as a general hospital. It now specialises in surgery. As a result, the centre operates on more than 6.900 people every year.

The Hospital is now noted for its ophthalmologic care and also for the surgical treatment of osteo-articular and chronic-degenerative pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, which, with an ageing population, is increasingly in demand. This type of surgery receives protocol-based care and, in the same centre, the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service offers patients complementary post-operative therapy for their return to daily life.

The Hospital de l'Esperança is also now the base for the facilities of the MAR Health Park's Radiotherapy Service, created in order to provide effective, efficient and safe treatment for radiotherapy patients, with high-technology equipment and specially qualified staff, to provide an optimal radiotherapy service.

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