Neuromodulation and Pain unit

The Neuromodulation and Pain Unit was established as a unit in March 2020, although most of its members have been working together in the multidisciplinary management of neuropathic pain for 14 years.


  • Antonio Montes (Pain Clinic - Anaesthesia Service)
  • Gloria Villalba (Neurosurgery Service)

Patient Manager

  • Maria del Mar Rubio (Administrative)


  • Elisa Cuadrado
  • Daniel Guisado

Pain Clinic - Anaesthesia Service

  • Olga Comps
  • Luis Molto
  • David Bande

Nurse Pain Clinic

  • Susana García

Pain Clinic - Psychiatry Service

  • Juan Ramón Castaño


  • Alba León
  • Lilia Correa


  • Nazaret Infante

Functional Spine Unit

  • Demian Manzano

Neurology Day Hospital Nurse

  • Isabel Miro


  • Brigitte Beltran