One2One Mar

one2one_mar, a new emotional wellbeing platform to help during the coronavirus crisis

Exceptional and potentially destructive situations, and the COVID-19 pandemic is such a situation, require creative responses.

We are at a time when the entire population, without exception, is facing situations that can lead to significant distress. The exceptionality and seriousness of the situation means that many people suffer from emotional problems, catastrophic thoughts, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

Due to this double problem, we propose an online support movement we call "one2one_mar" - a sonorous acronym for one (1) tone ("two" equals 2) one (1), and one for the other. "one2one_mar" is an online programme that organises psychological support for professionals, patients and families in need.

Who is one2one_mar?

A team of professional colleagues in psychology, social work and mental health nursing who will attend, always with online and/or telephone resources, situations of emotional distress, sadness, anguish, etc. derived from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who can contact one2one_mar?

Everyone who thinks they need it: professionals, patients and families who need it. Everyone. Without limitations.

How to contact on2one_mar?

Very easy, send an email to explaining briefly your problem; it is important that you explain if you are working on the front line, confined to your home, if you are a relative of an infected person, etc. and leave us a contact phone number. Your email will be assessed by a specialist and, within 24 hours, you will be receiving professional help online and/or by phone to deal with your problem.

We hope that, together, we can come out of this crisis stronger.

We can help each other if you contact us at