Geriatric Institute (IGER)

The Geriatric Institut's (IGER) purpose is to offer interdisciplinary clinical care, diagnosis and treatment in a personalised, efficient and safe way for elderly people, chronic patients or those in a terminal condition that require social health care attention.

The care offered by IGER includes:

  • Long-stay and psychogeriatrics
  • Convalescence
  • Palliative therapies
  • Primary Healthcare support - PADES
  • Day hospitals: Therapeutic and maintenance assessment
  • Ambulatory unit for geriatric assessment
  • Geriatric acute unit (UGA)
  • Interconsultation and link activities
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and all of the competences entrusted to them

The care facilities are in the Centre Fòrum, the Hospital del Mar and the Hospital de l'Esperança.

The IGER's main sphere of activity is social health care involved with the integrated and coordinated diagnosis, treatment and subsequent monitoring of the elderly and of chronic patients, as well as those with similar pathologies who seek attention, without any kind of restriction relating to this being created due to administrative reasons.

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