Colorectal Surgery

The Colorectal Surgery Section is composed of 5 specialists dedicated exclusively to coloproctology. With the aim of achieving excellence in clinical practice, the team is trained in advanced surgical techniques such as Robotic Surgery and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery. They perform total mesorectal excision both abdominally and transanally, as well as mesocolon resection with central lymphadenectomy.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive care for colorectal cancer patients from diagnosis through treatment and subsequent follow-up. This approach is centered around the case management nurse, who guides the patient throughout their entire journey.

We are leaders in prehabilitation processes and in the treatment of early-onset colorectal cancer patients, utilizing a comprehensive health approach that includes preserving reproductive function and genetic counseling.

Professional Team

Chief of Service

Marta Pascual

Deputy Heads of Section  

Sandra Alonso  
Silvia Salvans  
Marta Jiménez Toscano  
Blanca Montcusí

Stoma Nurse Specialists

Susana González  
Laia Cabré  
Olga Canela

Case Management Nurse

Montserrat Bonilla

Operating Room Reference Nurse

Carolina Clavería

Anesthesiology Team

Marc Sadurní  
Jesús Carazo  
Laura Castelltort  
Irene Romero  
Carlos Moreno  
Hugo Rivera

Service Portfolio

We diagnose and treat the following conditions:

Neoplastic Pathology. Cancer Treatment

Always within consensus and case discussion in a multidisciplinary committee, we offer surgical treatment, when necessary, for the following conditions:

Colon Cancer

We use refined techniques for complete mesocolon excision and central vascular ligation through minimally invasive approaches such as laparoscopy and robotic surgery.

Rectal Cancer

We offer a full range of advanced resection techniques, including sphincter-preserving options using TAMIS and TaTME, performed through minimally invasive surgery, either laparoscopic or robotic approach. Additionally, we follow an organ preservation protocol in cases of complete response to pre-surgery treatment.

Anal Cancer

We address anal cancer symptoms through discussions in multidisciplinary committees, evaluating various therapeutic options and making decisions in collaboration with the patient.

Pelvic Neoplasms

For the treatment of pelvic neoplasms, we maintain close collaboration with the Gynecology and Urology services.

Retrorectal Tumors

Treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis

We offer treatment for peritoneal carcinomatosis of various etiologies, including the application of hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC).

Benign Pathology

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

For the management of inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, we conduct comprehensive evaluations in multidisciplinary committees and collaborate closely with the Gastroenterology service. Additionally, we offer advanced techniques such as Kono anastomosis and ileal pouch creation.

Intestinal Traffic Reconstruction

We perform intestinal traffic reconstruction surgery in cases where it is necessary to reverse diverting or terminal stomas.

Pelvic Floor Pathology

We address pelvic floor pathology within a multidisciplinary unit with a structured approach. We treat conditions such as rectal prolapse, rectocele, and enterocele using techniques such as laparoscopic rectopexy or perineal procedures. Additionally, we offer treatment for fecal incontinence through sacral neuromodulation.

Diverticular Disease

We provide care for both acute and chronic presentations of diverticular disease, using minimally invasive approaches with the goal of preserving intestinal continuity.


In collaboration with the Gynecology service, we offer advanced treatments and organ preservation options for patients with endometriosis.

Basic and Advanced Proctology

For basic and advanced proctology, we perform outpatient surgery for conditions such as hemorrhoidal pathology, fistula (applying techniques such as platelet-rich plasma or autologous adipose tissue), fissure, pilonidal sinus, and hidradenitis.

Comprehensive Care for Ostomized Patients

We provide comprehensive care for ostomized patients, with a team of stoma therapy nurses offering care and guidance for both temporary and permanent stomas.

We are leaders in prehabilitation processes and in the treatment of early-onset colorectal cancer patients, using a comprehensive health approach that includes preserving reproductive function and genetic counseling.


All members of the Section are part of the established Clinical and Translational Research Group on colorectal neoplasms at the Hospital del Mar Research Institute.

Our main research area focuses specifically on the angiogenic response to surgical aggression and its relation to tumor recurrence. From this line, we have several ongoing doctoral thesis projects.

In the realm of peritoneal carcinomatosis, we also collaborate with the cell culture laboratory at the Hospital del Mar Research Institute in the development of DPOs and CAFs.

Highlighted Projects: Colorrectal Neoplasms Clinical and Translational Research Group

Translational research in tumor microenvironment